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Sound & Music. Wunderbar is your partner for all your sonic needs. We compose and produce music in a wide variety of genres. From chart topping pop hits to orchestral film scores, we’ve got you covered. Reproduction, reworking and remixing of existing songs is rapidly becoming one of our specializations. And if you plan on using our music in your TV show or movie, we’ll happily support you with all audiopost production as well. Vocal tuning, surround mixing and anything in between. Rest assured it’ll be Wunderbar.

Music production

A full blown custom written score for your next project, a six second jingle or mega mashups for your live show, whatever you can think of we can produce. We also support you throughout your entire audiovisual project with musical direction, artist coaching and audio design. Just one contact from the first note to the final master.

Audio post production

Feature films, shiny floor or reality shows, we love making sure they all sound great and appeal to your audience. And of course, any project with (live) music is right up our alley. From stereo to surround.

Broadcast sound

We have many years of experience in (live) broadcast mixing and PA mixing for broadcast. Sports, daily talkshows and festival stages have little sonic secrets. We always aim for the best possible sound, even under the pressure of a big live production.

Live sound

The experience of your audience heavily depends on the sound quality of your production, often without even realizing it. Sound has a direct connection to anyone’s emotions. It has the potential to move, excite and overwhelm a crowd. That’s why we focus on the music and the message while mixing front-of-house. An artist is only able to really express himself and give his best performance in a comfortable environment. So, when mixing monitors we make sure they forget about any technicalities and let them do what they do best.

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The masked singer

Music production | Mixing | Audio post | Live Sound

For the past three seasons we had the honor to be involved in the full sonic footprint of this record breaking TV show. From song selection, music production, artist coaching and mixing to sound design and vocal transformation, Wunderbar was there from start to finish.


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I Can See Your Voice

Composition | Music production | Mixing | Audio post

An incredibly funny and entertaining show where we had the privilege of working full circle. From the talent casting to the audio post production and everything in between. We reproduced all the songs for the show, recorded all singers and non-singers unfortunately, wrote the theme song and did full audio post production. Wunderbar provided the audio production for both season 1 and 2.

Warner Bros ITV/VTM
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James De Musical

Music production | Mixing | Audio post

In this award winning show (Golden Rose), host James Cooke brings Musical Theatre to the living room, every week a celebrity guest is being surprised  with a musical about their life. The guests relive memorable moments of their past with adapted songs from the same period. We where lucky enough to be asked to produce the opening and closing song, all musical acts as well as being trusted with the full audio post production. Both the first and second season deservedly achieved fantastic viewing figures.


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Composition | Music production | Mixing

This award winning fictional musical TV show is an unknown succes both in Belgium and internationally. For every season (season 4 is broadcasted since January 2023) we reworked 26 songs resulting in platina albums and sold out stadium shows. We also delivered the theme song and many more singles, medleys and live versions. The show is now being aired in 10 different countries

Fabric Magic/Ketnet

The Voice van Vlaanderen

Musical Coaching

For the longest running talent show in history we get to assist coach Laura and her team on her quest to win the live finals. Same goes for The Voice Kids, together with Laura we coach these young talents until they are true artists ready for the big stage!


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Rocky & lily

Composition | Music production | Mixing

All music for this kids TV and live show has been produced by Wunderbar being used in 100’s of episodes and resulting in a beautiful album.



Audio post

We get to mix a lot of Tagmag’s reality content for online and TV broadcast. Alwaysan adventure, always fun.


Live Sound

Live PA is an important part of theatre and live music productions. In our freelance work for our clients (most of the time PA-companies), we strive for a natural, clear sounding dialogues, good timings for playing music and sound fx, and a perfect sonic balance between these two. We ensure a good and pleasant sound experience for the audience as well for the talent on stage so they can perform at their best. 



Wouter Vander Veken

Music Producer

Reinhoud Maes

Sound Engineer



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